9/11 Memorial

“The Rising”, located at Kensico Dam Plaza, is dedicated to the Westchester County residents who lost their lives as a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The names of the victims are inscribed along the memorial’s circular base, the Circle of Remembrance, with rods extending and intertwining towards the sky.

Designed by Frederic Schwartz Architects, the 109 intertwined strands (like DNA) rise 80 feet from the ground reaching upward to the heavens. The rods are bound together in a literal and symbolic gesture exemplifying the strength of the Westchester community and the families who lost loved ones.

WPF is the custodian of the permanent endowment fund that helps maintain the memorial and surrounding areas. Support for the memorial ensures that The Rising can be viewed and appreciated by generations to come. With every donation, The Rising truly becomes a community memorial, uniting those who were not personally affected with those who have lost loved ones and who seek to preserve their memory. If you are interested in contributing to the endowment fund, please contact our office at 914-231-4600.


Kathryn W. Davis RiverWalk Center

Through a partnership with Scenic Hudson, WPF acted as the agent for the acceptance of donations to make improvements to Kingsland Point Park on the Hudson River in Sleepy Hollow, and bring a long neglected, 1926 bathhouse back to use. Over time, the structure had deteriorated and become covered in graffiti. The historic bathhouse has been turned into a center for river-based education along the RiverWalk, a planned 51-mile pathway along the Hudson River.


Trail Stewardship

In partnership with Con Edison, Westchester Parks Foundation’s Trail Promotion and Environmental Awareness program displays trail maps and information at select parks across the system. The program is offered free to community residents, promoting environmental stewardship of the Trail at Saxon Woods Park, Cranberry Lake Preserve, Glen Island Park, and Tibbetts Brook Parks. This educational initiative raises community awareness regarding the environmental benefits of the trail system. It also provides visitors with a trail kiosk showing the start and map of trails, and color-coded trail markers keep hikers on the right path. Expansion of this program is planned for 2016-2017.Solar Thermal at Croton Point: WPF partnered with Entergy in 2013 to install Westchester County’s first campsite solar thermal hot water system at Croton Point Park. Croton Point Park is a 508-acre park and recreational area situated on a peninsula on the eastern shore of the Hudson River. The installation of a solar thermal system results in a reduction in the use of fossil fuels to operate the campground facilities, thereby reducing the need for on-site storage of petroleum products to power the existing boilers and heating sources. Since that first installation, solar at Croton Point has expanded to include the office, which is fully powered by solar panels. Additionally, rain gardens were added to help manage stormwater runoff.


Fit-Trail at Kensico Dam Plaza

In 2013, WPF unveiled a 10-station Fitness Trail at Kensico Dam Plaza. The trail, which promotes a healthy lifestyle in the community, was made possible by a $25,000 grant from the Leon Lowenstein Foundation. The 10-station Fit-Trail is an outdoor exercise system installed along the walking or jogging trail, and contains instruction signs and exercise equipment designed for the novice or conditioned athlete. The use of parks and open space as a vehicle for fitness and healthy lifestyle choices are core to WPF’s mission.

wwd_log splitter


WPF enables the park system to operate more efficiently through donations of equipment. Examples include a log splitter and trailer at Sal J. Prezioso Mountain Lakes Park that enables staff to heat the administration building in a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly manner, reducing expenditures for oil and producing firewood for use by the campers at the park; a power rake used system-wide to enable efficient landscaping and turf maintenance; and a “Goosinator”, which is a humane way of controlling the Canada Goose population on our county golf courses.

Professional Development

WPF supports the professional development efforts of the management and staff of the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation. Professional Development contributes to the high quality of service that PRC staff provide, contributing to the ability of our park system to be clean, safe and well-managed.