Mutts on the Mountain 5K & Fun Run

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The 1st Annual Mutts on the Mountain 5K and Lazy Dog Fun Run is the only timed trail race (of any length) in the Tri-State area that allows you to run with your canine companion. This is a not-to-be-missed event for hikers, joggers, runners, and of course your well-behaved four legged friend. This event is rain or shine!

The Mutts on the Mountain 5K course is located in the beautiful Blue Mountain Reservation in Peekskill, NY. Consisting of 3.1 miles of technical single track, this course will keep trail runners on their toes and keep those running with their canine companion focused on the what waits around the bend. This world class course features several steep climbs, water crossings, two rock scrambles, nearly 500 feet of elevation gain, and ruff terrain. You’ll find an aid station (water and Gatorade for human participants, and water for canine participants) 1.6 miles into the course. We strongly encourage human participants who don’t have a canine companion to participate in this course (we will have three waves, the first being for dog-less participants).

The Lazy Dog Fun Run is a 1-mile romp consisting of 75% double track and 25% paved surfaces, scattered with obstacles for you and your canine companion to conquer. This course is perfect for small dogs and older dogs who want to participate in a race, but can’t handle the ruff terrain that the 5K course offers. You’ll be able to explore a portion of Blue Mountain’s extensive trail system while taking in constant views of the lake. This race option is for human participants with canine companions only due to course width constraints.

Parking for the event will be at three designated areas by the Entrance of Blue Mountain Reservation, or along the road before you reach the Trail Lodge (our Village at Mutts is located beyond that point). Please park in the assigned area.

For human participants, there will be portable restrooms located close to the Start/Finish line. For canine participants, there will be a dog park located close to the Start/Finish line.


  • AGGRESSIVE FREE COURSE. People-friendly dogs only (Westchester Parks Foundation reserves the right to remove any dog from the race due to aggressive behavior).
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Dogs may not be left unattended at any time. Westchester Parks Foundation and Westchester Parks Department will NOT be liable for dogs which are lost or missing during the event.
  • All dogs must be current on vaccinations.
  • No dogs under 6 months nor female dogs in heat.
  • LEAVE NO TRACE! Pick up and dispose of your dog’s waste promptly.
  • PASSING ETIQUETTE. We ask those who intend to pass other participants to be respectful and mindful at all times. This is for your safety and the safety of the human and canine participants on the course. If you intend to pass, you should say ON YOUR LEFT, ON YOUR RIGHT, and wait for the participants in front of you to yield. The course is single track, and without passing etiquette, a fall is likely for you or whoever you’re passing.




Q: I don’t have a dog. Can I still participate?
While the Lazy Dog Fun Run is restricted to participants with a canine companion ONLY, everyone is welcome to participate in the Mutts on the Mountain 5K trail run.

Q: I have a puppy that is not quite 6 months old and would like to bring him to the race. Would this be okay?
For the sake of our canine participants’ safety, we will not be able to allow puppies under 6 months of age. This rule has your puppy’s best interest and health in mind.

Q: I’m not a runner, but I like to hike. Is the 5K or Lazy Dog Fun Run for me?
Absolutely. We will have three waves of participants in the 5K (walkers in the third wave). We expect half of the field to be comprised of joggers or walkers. Part of what we’re trying to do with this event is help you and your canine companion (or just you), experience the beauty of one of the hidden gems of the Westchester County Park system. We have no cut off times, and if you choose, you can walk the course (an hour and fifteen minutes is how long it should take for the slowest of walkers).

Q: I have an animal (other than a dog) that I would like to bring. Would this be okay?
Sorry, but no. This dog and human only event. We’re expecting a large variety of dogs, including herding and hunting breeds, which don’t mix well with other animals they may perceive as “prey”. This rule is for the sake of your animal, as well as the quality of the experience for our human and canine participants.

Q: Can children participate in the 5K and Lazy Dog Fun Run race?
We are restricting both races to children above the age of 14. This rule has your child’s best interest and safety in mind. With that being said, we encourage you to bring your children (of any age) to watch the dogs run, enjoy what we expect to be a very cute and exciting award ceremony, visit our Village at Mutts, and enjoy the food and festivities.