Westchester Parks Foundation Strongly Endorses County Executive George Latimer’s Proposed Sales Tax Increase

WHITE PLAINS, NY (February 2019) – Westchester Parks Foundation, the only organization dedicated exclusively to promoting and supporting all of Westchester County Parks, strongly endorses County Executive George Latimer’s “Westchester County Property Taxpayer’s Protection Act.” The proposed bipartisan legislation calls for a 1-point increase in sales tax that is estimated to bring in about $140 million/year in new revenue which could benefit Westchester County Parks.

Joe Stout, Executive Director of Westchester Parks Foundation stated: “We have been a supporter of the County Parks system since 1977 and the Foundation knows firsthand how much the additional revenue will mean for the County. We have an aging park infrastructure and increased demand on that infrastructure. The added revenue will ensure that all can still enjoy these parks and not place the burden solely on property tax payers.”

Westchester County Parks are a major generator of tourism and provides a huge economic impact on Westchester’s economy supporting nearly $190 million dollars and 1,000 private sector jobs annually.

Sales tax parity throughout the county can create an equitable balance for all taxpayers, have an equalizing effect on those in the poorer sections of the county and allow Westchester to rebuild its human capital to a sustainable level.

WPF endorses the County Executive’s proposal as being fiscally responsible and vitally necessary, which can be used as a means to protect and preserve the County Park system, recognized as one of the best of its kind in the nation. We strongly urge our lawmakers to enact the legislation.