We invite Westchester’s businesses to partner with us in the opportunity to preserve one of Westchester’s greatest assets, our park system. Find a tailor-made project for your organization to make a difference in the Westchester County Parks. Utilize the time and experience to build your team, increase morale while providing a valuable service to the park system. Groups can choose to have a one-day project, a project that spans a few days, or one that they return to until it is completed.

The “ADOPT-A-PARK” program provides your organization’s volunteers with an opportunity to maintain, preserve, develop, and improve parks and trails within the Westchester County Parks System. By adopting a park, your organization or group commits to enhance and maintain a designated park within the county park system through clean-up efforts, trail maintenance, tree plantings, weeding, and any other approved projects which would enhance the beauty of the park. The adopter must complete at least 4 service projects per year in their adopted park.

The support of Westchester’s businesses and community organizations help to preserve and enhance the quality of life here in our county, and the parks for all to enjoy. Click here to download our Corporate Volunteer Brochure.

Learn about other ways to support Westchester Parks Foundation click here.