Since 2015, Westchester Parks Foundation has engaged nearly 12,000 members of our community to volunteer in the Westchester County park system, contributing over 35,000 hours of service.

Our Volunteer Program is ideal for students who need to earn volunteer credits for school or religious education requirements, for scout troops on the lookout for a great project, or for anyone who just wants to put their skills to good use. Be an environmental steward as you give back to the parks and trails you love!

Green Squad volunteers commit to two cleanups a month in one specific park location, March through November. Both community organizations can commit to a park, as well as individual community members looking to recruit other volunteers to join them.

Our Clean River Project, sponsored by Entergy, addresses floatable trash, one of the three major water quality issues on the Bronx River. Volunteers participate in real science, through hands-on experiences. The information we will collect helps find the source(s) and stop trash from entering the river in the first place. The project engages volunteers by promoting outreach to local businesses whose products end up in and along the river, especially uniting messaging around the harm to our waterways caused by non-biodegradable products. Volunteers put on waders and help us count the bottles, cans, straws, and more that we find caught in our two trash booms.

Graffiti Squad volunteers sponsored by Thalle Industries work throughout many park locations. Volunteers use an eco-friendly solution to scrub off graffiti, preserving the natural beauty that our residents enjoy on trailways.

Pitch in for Parks, our largest one-day community volunteer event surrounding Earth Day, is held each April in partnership with Westchester County Parks, Recreation and Conservation. Volunteers, working as individuals, families or large groups, take on special projects throughout the county to help spruce up the parks for the peak season. They paint, rake, prepare and plant flower beds, build footbridges and boardwalks, clear trails and shorelines, monitor biodiversity, restore wildlife habitats and remove invasive vines from trees.

*Site Sponsors are needed for this event. Contact for more information*

Volunteer projects occur regularly all season long. Please check our website & Facebook page for event information. We look forward to you joining us in supporting our parks!


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