Our Mission

Westchester Parks Foundation engages the public to advocate for and invest in the preservation, conservation, use, and enjoyment of the 18,000 acres of parks, trails, and open spaces within the Westchester County Parks system.

Parks are a vital and fundamental part of the community. They exist to conserve green space, whether 1 or 100 acres. They provide a place where people from all walks may gather and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors. They invite people of every age and ability to engage in fitness and reap the wellness benefits of outdoor activities. In Westchester County, our 18,000-acre park system is one of our most valuable assets. Encompassing more land than many state park systems, it is a reason that people live here, work here, and spend time here.

Recognizing this, Westchester Parks Foundation seeks to:

  • Preserve this asset for future generations;
  • Strengthen the connection between parks and our communities;
  • Create stewards of our parks, through positive experiences in our parks;
  • Impart a feeling of ownership and pride in our public spaces — open to all, available to everyone.

Westchester Parks Foundation creates and manages programs that unite people from all corners of the county to gather together, where they are inspired to care for, learn about, and enjoy our parks. Our programs are purposeful, engage the public, and enrich our park system.

Westchester Parks Foundation makes physical improvements to our park system, recognizing that public action and private support must join together to secure the future of our park infrastructure and the enhancements that help our parks thrive.

Without the action of the Westchester Parks Foundation, beloved community programs would disappear, and a strong, independent advocate for parks would be silenced. Children would not gather at a camp to call their own, volunteers would be immobilized, and a dedicated investment in the future of our park system would cease.

We ask the public join with us — to experience your parks, steward your parks, and love your parks.